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We are a network of podcasts stitched together by a common thread of being passionate about what we talk about. From sports, pop culture, Los Angeles, and internet mysteries we offer the best quality and content available anywhere.

Podcasting with heart since 2016.

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Guys in Shorts

Your weekly dose of everything going on in the world from the unique perspective of "Guys In Shorts." The guys tackle everything from sports to entertainment in this backyard BBQ style podcast.

The Rams House

The hosts of your favorite sports show, Guys In Shorts Sports Los Angeles dive deeper into all things Rams!

Kings Realm

Crack open a beer and join this raucous group of guys as they break down all the LA Kings news that week.


Cyber Security doesn't have to be a daunting task. Everyone has the right to be more secure and enjoy some privacy while surfing the web. We will give you simple yet effective ways of staying safe and private online. And we'll do it in a language you'll understand. Learn how to be Cyber Smart because Privacy Matters.


The Podcast Where Internet Meets Mystery. We dive deep into internet mysteries, trying to decipher fact, from fiction.

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